Feature Piece of Jewelry
Reflections Jewelry
by Georgia Lang Weithe

About the Artist

For a long time  I have had the dream of making jewelry full time, but something always came first – raising children, earning a reliable income as a teacher and educational consultant, developing an educational video and writing a book.  Over the years I never stopped making jewelry and learning new techniques.  I took my first jewelry classes when I was in college and moved to Germany where I exhibited and studied for 2 ½ years with master goldsmith, Lutz Quambusch.

Now the time has come to put the metalwork on the agenda, and it is the realization of a dream.  My current studio is an Amish-built cabin in the woods of rural Wisconsin where I work to transform silver, pewter, gold, gems, stones, shells, beads and insect wings into designs which evoke nature’s gentlest images - waves, wings, seeds, moonbeams. The jewelry I make doesn’t reflect current trends, but rather deep currents of meaning I am searching for in my life. The designs come from a deep place within me, and I hope to touch a corresponding deep place in others.

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